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Comments ( 33)

Lucinkasexy: god video
new video pleas :)

Love Wolf Ae: Thank you LuckinKasexy There will be new vids soon. Just fixing bugs.

Theemejingdude: Nice video i've been waiting new vids from you, can you continue the HE:Locked Inside series? i would love to watch it :thumbsup:

Love Wolf Ae: I plan on making a sequel to that but I don't have a date for when this will happen.

Theemejingdude: i hope this sequel will happened soon because in my opinion it is the best sequel than other sequels that you made and also has the most highest views from all vids, keep up the good work...:thumbsup:you can do it.

Altbouncer: Gorgeous! You stepped up your game again. Glad to see you upload again! Though I miss the storytelling

Love Wolf Ae: Thank you Altbouncer I'm in the middle of updating my version of the game. This vid was just a test so I didnt want to spend too much time on it....

Poridgehub: hey when do you think your gonna realease night of the ghouls 3

Love Wolf Ae: I do have plans in the works for NOG 3. I'm trying to get requests and short stories out of the way first and hopefully some VA's as well.

Debobrat: plz make longer videos like 20- 30 mins. It feels great to watch with full story

Love Wolf Ae: Making a full length 27 -30 min vid is my ultimate goal. I want to do that using Blender So I can create all of the enviroments as well as the monsters but I have to learn it first.

Perelik: What do you use to create these videos? Please reply. And good work

Love Wolf Ae: I use TK17

Sasu0987: Wait for new videos

Love Wolf Ae: Soon Sasu Soon.

Playboi2911: I was waiting for this for so long...glad you uploaded!!:heart:

Love Wolf Ae: Thank you Playboi2911 more coming soon.

Calcuttansixincher: I never knew i had these kind of fetish.
You sir are a genius.
Love your contents, specially the "LOCKED INSIDE" series.
Waiting for more bro

Love Wolf Ae: LOL thank you Calcuttansixincher more coming soon.

Jaymuthal: broo! add your writings like zombie attack 3 or your any other video! thats what makes your work unique and more exciting

Love Wolf Ae: This one was just supposed to be a quick test of the new settings. I'm working on another test that will include a short story real soon.

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