「Gunner uses Absorbing Vortex」by lilmoonie [Smash Brothers Animated Hentai] HD

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Comments ( 38)

Iwilleatyoasshole: This is so hot who made this?

Heiki-San: It's literally in the title, m8. But for the sake of clarity, this was made by artist lilmoonie, who you can find on both Twitter and Patreon. Several image boards also feature his stuff.

Dwugon Boi: Lilmoonie also has a discord server check it out! :smiley:

Rinyowa: What song ?

Heiki-San: The 3DS's Mii Plaza theme.

Dwugon Boi: It’s that song from mii plaza when you barely have population n your plaza

P0Rnrater: so who made this ?

Oldschool Omen: Fucking stupid.

Heiki-San: Okay. Don't watch, then?

Justanotherdownload: Lmao

Dwugon Boi: I was gonna say, also that’s not okay to say, people are working hard for this just to make money or just Admiring there enthusiasm. . And you just comment here just to say that? people like you shouldnt be here. . .

Xxshadowsxx: @ Dwugon Boi: you do know people are free to like and dislike what ever the hell they want right? from a normal minded stand point this video is stupid and people like this creator shouldnt exist for their degeneracy

Xxshadowsxx: @ Heiki-San: ever thought why he even watched this video because he thought it was going to be something good and not something fucked up? the "dont watch it" comments are honestly stupid

Heiki-San: lol it's not even that fucked up.

You click on it, it doesn't suit your fancy, fine, move on. There's precious little to gain from sharing an evidently unpopular opinion. I'll respect your disapproval of stuff like this if you'll respect those who do approve.

Also bashing the creator isn't cool. Pretty sure this was commissioned work, and a lot of man hours probably went into its creation.

Yabestie: The dead gaze. I need more of this!

Gatoperson: literally just vibin till he came, wtf.

Steeldiver1996: Mii Gunner was giving a look like "whatever I guess that's normal here" that's hilarious and hot.

Dick Joke Here: Was watching something else, saw this and thought, ok, this looks interesting. So I watched this and was like, why. This is good, but it shouldn't be...I am very confused.

Goldnreign: The music is stuck in my head xD

Squidwardtestical: My only question is how did she not fall off the Cliff

Megamanbassz: muahaha!! make me satisfy by this!

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